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We are developing Twin Track Approach -Win Situation, which not only benefits disabled person but also private companies itself. Based on clients special requirement we also provide on demand IT solution in order to get professional quality and on time delivery of job from disabled person

Graphic Design Services

Logo Designing
Print Design
Banner Design
Poster, Brochure, Visiting Cards
Custom Designs

3D Modeling

Architectural 3D Modeling
Product 3D Modeling
Character 3D Modeling
Bunglow / House 3D Modeling
Custom Design Modeling

Website Development

WordPress Website
Ecommerce Website
Custom Web Development
SEO / Mobile Responsive Website

Explainer Animated Videos

White Board Animation
Motion Graphics Animation
Product Video Animation
Education Animated Videos
Custom Animated Videos

Our Recent Animation Projects

Explainer Videos and Animations

Our Innovative Team

We Revamp your idea

Hiba Tariq

Skills: Microsoft Softwares & Internet

Age: 22 Disability: Spinal cord Location: Lahore, Pakistan

Qasim Umar Abbasi

Skills: Basic Computer

Age: 28 Disability: T12 spinal cord injury
Location: Murree, Pakistan

Muhammad Mohsin

Skills: Graphics / Illustration

Age: 21 Disability: Rickets - Bone
Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Ambreen Ahmad

Business Administration
Skills: Microsoft Softwares & Internet - Counselling

Disability: Neuropathy
Location: Mustafaabad Gulistan colony, Pakistan

Ghulam Yasir

Skills: Video Editing - Auto CAD - Graphics

Disability: Polio with both legs
Location: Wazirabad-Gujrawala, Punjab - Pakistan

Your project
can make A

With Revamp House companies not only contributes to society by but also get the work done with quality and on time.

We can help you grow your Business

Revamp House Empowering Disabled Person with Opportunity and Career Development to bring hopes in lives of Disabled Persons, Disabled Persons are as equal as any other citizen in the society the only problem, is we are not provided with any opportunity to prove ourselves.

We need your support of our Independent Living

The Revamp House will contact different private sector companies to outsource different I.T. related Project in order to facilitate the employment of disabled person.

3D Designing Work

Logo & Print Design

Company Branding

We are PWD's & You can help advance our marginalized community

Top 5 reasons to use Revamp House

Deliver on Time & on Budget

Deliver on Time & on Budget

Fast Processing

Fast Processing

Great Quality

Great Quality

Easy to Communicate with our team

Easy to Communicate

Great Development Process

Great Development process that is clear for the customers

Why Choose Revamp House?

> Our customers are not only get there job done Professionally and on time.
> The Team of Dedicated and Competent Disabled Persons.
> 24×7 customer support unit.
> Disabled persons revamping your brand identity.
> Supporting disabled person comminity.
> 100% customer satisfaction.
> Offer unlimited rounds of revisions till you get your desired design.

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